Gude to Rawhide

Hi there,

I would like to give Rawhide a try, so which is better, upgrade from stable to Rawhide? or do a new install as Rawhide?.


Keeping the stable and dual-boot with Rawhide?

The way you like.

However take into account that Rawhide is not a simple rolling release distribution. People is supposed to install Rawhide if they are planning to partecipate in testing and to report bugs.
You are adviced that things could break very often, and they could break very bad.


If you want to start on a clean slatethen install.
I usually install from the nightly builds. Please confirm that your choice of build does not have any known issue before performing the installation. Apparently, this is the latest reliable build

I think this page covers all your questions. It will explain the role of rawhide in the Fedora development cycle, and list the tasks/time expected from a rawhide user:

(Folks, please link to docs when required—it’s generally better to link to first hand sources of information than for us to provide our summarised second hand versions.)


Hi There,

I was out of town for a few days, thanx every one for responding, you gave me some homework reading, I’ll check it out;

I have an older laptop that I keep around for distrohopping, I will put it in there to try out to see if I can keep my sanity on a rolling release.

Tnx again everyone.

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