GTK4 apps and Fedora installer render badly on VirtualBox with 3D acceleration enabled


In Fedora 40, applications using the GTK4 toolkit are displayed incorrectly in VirtualBox when 3D acceleration passthrough is enabled. The applications are often completely broken, showing just colored rectangles and various artifacts. Additionally, the Fedora installer (anaconda) displays incorrectly in a different way, with text corruption and incorrect colors.


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The GTK4 application rendering issues appear to be linked to the new NGL renderer used in GTK4 applications and the 3D passthrough functionality in VirtualBox. The cause of the anaconda rendering issue is not yet known.

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As a workaround, disable 3D acceleration passthrough in VirtualBox until the underlying issue is resolved. If you encounter problems booting Fedora 40 KDE using the default “VMSVGA” video adapter with 3D passthrough disabled, use the “VBoxSVGA” adapter instead (still with 3D passthrough disabled).

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