GSConnect can't mount the internal storage of an Android phone

GSConnect, the extension from, not the webextension-gsconnect.x86_64 package from the F37 repo, doesn’t mount the phone storage in Nautilus, on Fedora 37 Workstation.

What I did so far:

  • Configured some storage locations in KDEConnect android app on the phone.

  • Installed nautilus packages:

  nautilus.x86_64                            43.0-2.fc37                  @fedora 
  nautilus-devel.x86_64                      43.0-2.fc37                  @fedora 
  nautilus-extensions.x86_64                 43.0-2.fc37                  @fedora 
  nautilus-gsconnect.noarch                  54-1.fc37                    @updates
  • Issued the command ssh-keygen -b 4096

  • Issued the command ssh, in order for ~/.ssh/known_hosts file to be created and filled with the first known host

  • Created the file ~/.ssh/config with the following content:

  Host 192.168.1.*
  HostKeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa
  • With firewall-config changed the currently connected WiFi network to trusted and enabled gsconnect and kdeconnect services

  • Under the same trusted network, opened port ranges 1714-1764, both tcp and udp

  • Both the laptop and the android phone are connected to the same WiFi network

Any advice?

I’ve had this issue as well. I think I was even having it before the move to F37 but I’m curious to hear from others to see if I can get it working again.