Grub menu does not show when os-prober is disabled


I’ve just started using Fedora, and I customized grub (using 40_custom) to boot also my other Linux distributions besides Windows (I simply delegate to the other Linux distros’ grub configurations). I tested it and it works fine. Then, I disabled os-prober (GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in /etc/default/grub). With this last modification, the grub menu does not show anymore unless I press “ESC”.

I seem to understand this is related to Changes/HiddenGrubMenu - Fedora Project Wiki that makes sense when Fedora is the only system. But in this specific case, hiding the grub menu does not make much sense, IMHO, since I have several systems to boot. From what I see (GRUB hidden menu change FAQ - Hans' hacking log — LiveJournal) this feature can be disabled, but I was wondering if, when disabling os-prober, the hiding menu was taken into consideration as a good choice…

thanks in advance