Grub doesnt show up after enabling secure boot and TPM for windows

I am running a dual boot of Nebara(which is an unofficial spin off of fedora) along with Windows 11. I was trying a game on windows which required me to enable secure boot and TPM, and disabling CSM. On doing that I was directly booting into windows rather than getting the usual grub menu. I undid the changes I made and was back to the grub menu. Is there a way to boot into Fedora after enabling secure boot and TPM?

Running Nobara means the support should be coming from their site. I don’t know what they have done as far as modifications from the official fedora version.

Disabling csm should have no effect on fedora unless it was installed in legacy (MBR) boot mode.
Switching between secure boot enabled and disabled has other implications as well, with secure boot enabled causing an inability to load unsigned kernel modules such as the nvidia drivers or the VirtualBox module.
The rpmfusion site has instructions here on how to enable signing kernel modules that are installed and built with akmods but does not go into how to make that retroactive for modules already built.

You may be able to boot Nobara by using the bios boot menu (usually available by pressing F10, F11, or F12 during boot). If not then you may need to recover by booting a live install media and following other recovery steps within fedora (and maybe a chroot environment)

deleting my post because upon reading another post I realized it is not appropriate running asking Nobara issues here

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It is not inappropriate since the core system is fedora.

It is important though that you identify whether the issue is with the changes done by Nobara or with the fedora system itself, since that would direct any problems to the appropriate area. In general, most of their release is generic fedora but they do changes that alter the system to meet their goal of a gaming system so certain parts are altered significantly. There are two key parts they alter (among others), and that is the kernel itself as well as video drivers.

The real question is about W11, EFI secure boot and TPM going to Pluton custom securing chip something like Apple with all in house software and hardware publishing little information. I believe that dual booting is something of the past … grub is something different allowing to choose Linux version as needed, something useful recompiling kernel.