Google Chrome doesn't remember window size and location

Since its last update to version 98.0.4758.80, Google Chrome no longer opens its window in the same location and the same size. Prior to this update it always did.

Is there any work around or setting to return Chrome to its prior behavior?

This is a google chrome issue and not a fedora issue. Google chrome is not a fedora package, but is written and managed by google. Please redirect your question to google.

OTOH, there is some control for how windows open under gnome-tweaks so that might assist.

To answer my own question since no help was given, a chrome extension must be installed.

I use chromium and i don’t have any issues maybe because chrome is not open source that is why it have those issues.

Chromium is open source. Google Chrome is only partially open and google has now forced a separation of the two.

Sorry actually not was missed there