Google Chrome Browser - no sound from microphone but works in Brave / Firefox and more

Hey there,

On Fedora 37, with up-to-date Kernel. Suddenly although my microphone shows up in Google Chrome I get no amplitude reading and nobody can here me e.g. on Google Meet. Everything was working and then it somehow broke.
Same webapps on Brave browser or Firefox keep working with the microphone.
It works using the Chromium Flatpak but somehow not with the Google Chrome one.

Any Idea how to diagnose this issue?

During a call, check the following:

  • Webpage permissions by clicking :lock: in the Google Chrome address bar.
  • Input Volume level in the GNOME Sound settings.

See also:

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Dear Vladislav,


That did it. i don’t know how this came to be. The Google Chrome Input was hidden to me. Now everything is working again. Sorry for any confusion caused!