Gnome Terminal only opens on 2nd click

I have this weird, weird behavior. Happens once after every reboot.

I boot into Gnome, click on Terminal, I get the pointer waiting circle, nothing happens, pointer returns back to normal. I click on Terminal the second time, the Terminal opens okay.

This wasn’t the case upon initial install, started happening after a few days.

I do not even know how to troubleshoot or what would cause this. Maybe it’s something about refusing to open a pts? So weird.

Everything else operates nominally and snappy, always on the first click :slight_smile: .

Ok, I have more information about this now.

If I wait long enough (maybe a couple of minutes or so) and then launch Terminal - it launches on the first click.

So there’s something that takes time to boot up that prevents Terminal from launching right away. Note: I’m booting from a slower device, that’s not an issue, the issue is it’s unclear what is not booted with high enough priority to allow Terminal to launch when you drop into a Gnome desktop environment.

You have the control of several config/initialization files who affect the terminal. First thing I would do is to check this files if it is different of the default.

Second you have the top command to see what is running while you have the delay and what could affect the problem with the terminal.

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You can rule out some user-configuration by creating a new user login. If terminal behaves for the new user, you need to review changes you have made to your original login (e.g., by comparing your coonfiguration files with those of the new user).


Well, the Terminal now opens almost instantaneously.

This is what changed: I installed FreeBSD a couple of times on one of the SSD drives in the laptop (separate from the one where my Fedora install lives on). So, something must’ve changed that now makes the Gnome terminal on Fedora load fast. Maybe there’s some stuff on boot that tries to read another SSD’s weird partitions that brakes things for a while? I certainly didn’t see anything in the logs about that.