Gnome terminal doesn't work

Could you post the result of this command?
And the content of this file?

The result of localectl is :

   System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
       VC Keymap: us
      X11 Layout: us

and the content of the locale.conf file is :


At the beginning, did you install the system in another language?

Could you post the result of this command?
env | grep GDM_LANG

No, I didn’t
The result of the env | grep GDM_LANGis :



Could then post the result of this other command?
env |grep LANG

The result is :


Here we are.
Did you set these variables in the .bashrc or .bash_profile files?

grep LANG ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile

grep LANG ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile

This command doesn’t result in any output :thinking:

Maybe here?
grep LANG /etc/profile


grep LANG /etc/profile

This command doesn’t output a single thing

Do you have a ~/.profile file?

A little bit of explanations.
If I put such variable in the ~/.bashrc file, I’m able to reproduce the issue.
So what I’m looking for is: where on your system such variable is defined?
(And for the records, if I put LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in bashrc, it works normally).

env | grep -i lang



oops … face-palm …

Sorry about that.

Sorry for being late, the forum banned me from replying for 16 hours :no_mouth:
The LANG=en_US.UTF-8 is in a file called locale.conf , the path of the file is : /etc/locale.conf

Mmm no

The problem is that LANG variable is not en_US.UTF-8 but only en_US

Alright! some progress!
The terminal now gives this error if I tried to run it normally:

$ gnome-terminal -v
# Warning: DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID not set and no fallback available.
# Error creating terminal: Could not activate remote peer: startup job failed.

But it works if I used sudo

When I restart the DE the variables resets to en_US, is there is a way to prevent this?

Indeed this is what I was looking for: where such variable is defined?

localectl looks good. LANG is not in bashrc, bash_profile nor /etc/profiles

Or is it defined in a file under /etc/profile.d?

Otherwise I’m out of ideas.