GNOME Online Accounts hang when adding a Google account with a Security Key 2FA


In Fedora 39 and earlier releases, when using GNOME Online Accounts to connect a Google account that has a security key (Yubikey, etc) configured as the default 2FA option, the dialogue will “stall out” at the point where it should ask for 2FA, and the account will not be added.

Note: In Fedora 40, this problem should be resolved by performing the authentication in a standalone web browser rather than in a webkit2gtk window.

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webkit2gtk does not yet support WebAuthn authentication.

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Enter the account details as normal. When the dialogue is “stalled out” after entering a password:

  1. Right-click inside, and click “Reload” in the context menu.
  2. Click “Try another way”.
  3. Select any option that isn’t a security key.