Gnome F40 update on Mac Mini M1

Hello, I have a question regarding fedora 40 (gnome version). I have f39 installed, and I can’t update through the gnome software store, are there any issues preventing the update? Have someone a good experience updating the version? (I read there were some issues regarding the screen in KDE).


I typically don’t see it in the GNOME store as well, so I use the dnf system plugin instead, works well for me.

Perhaps it’s supposed to show up in the GNOME store and I need to fix that, but if not, the dnf system plugin is how you update.

Ah, OK, I got confused with a post in fedora magazine that pointed to that explanation:

I thought asahi remix was also workstation and the update should appear in the gnome store too, now I understand it.

Thank you mskhan

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