Gnome 46 in Fedora 39

Is it possible to update to Gnome 46 in Fedora 39 without updating to Fedora 40 (using official repositories)? If not now, will it be possible in next months? Or to use Gnome 46 one must upgrade to Fedora 40?

When a new release comes out it has a new version of gnome as 40 will have gnome 46.Fedora 39 will stay on gnome 45 and as far as I know the way to get gnome 46 will be to upgrade to Fedora 40.


Is there a reason why you dont want to upgrade to f40?

GNOME 46 will be shipped as RPM packages built for f40. Taking the .spec files and building for f39 is possible but very time consuming.

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There’s also GnomeOS if you just want to try the latest release.