GNOME Asia - Kathmandu, Nepal - 1-3 December 2023

Hi folks! I wanted to call attention to an event happening this December in Kathmandu, Nepal with our GNOME friends. The annual GNOME Asia conference is taking place there from 1-3 December 2023:

The schedule is coming together, but we have proposed a F39 Release Party and 20th Anniversary celebration there. I have raised this with a few folks in India to see if we can get a presence together to go there, but the invite is open for anyone else local to the region.

We have a Fedora Wiki page together to track details about the event and prepare a budget for the Mindshare Committee:

If you think you could make it, please edit your name into the table. My hope is that this can be a rallypoint for our many Fedora contributors in APAC. So far, I am in touch with @nekonya3, @sumantrom, @t0xic0der, @jnsamyak, and @amsharma. @nekonya3 was also accepted as a speaker too.

Anyone else nearby or in the region and think they can make it? It would be great to have a strong Fedora APAC presence there! :grinning:


Hi @petersen and @likeanushkaa, are you both presenting at GNOME Asia this year? I saw your names on the speaker schedule for Declarative GTK programming and Designing in the open. Do either of you have plans to attend in-person or are you presenting virtually? It is nice to see Fedora community folks on the schedule. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I am, and you too?

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@petersen I would be there, along with the other Fedora folks mentioned above for the Fedora Linux 39 Release Party on Friday evening. Looking forward to meeting you there! :grinning:

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We had a fantastic presence at GNOME Asia 2023 this year in Kathmandu. As a TL;DNR, I think this event makes sense to be a rallying point for our Fedora contributors in the APAC region. I am hopeful that we can do something like this again in 2024.

But we need to capture the stories, impact, and memories from this year’s event! All of our Fedora-funded attendees have been put to task on sharing an event report by January 3rd.

@t0xic0der @amsharma @nekonya3 @jnsamyak @sumantrom, once your event reports are ready, I would ask you to share them here so we can capture them all in one place. I will do the same. :grinning:

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