Gnome 42 stable launched

Is there a way to install gnome 42 replacing gnome 41 in f35 without going beta or rawhide of 36. Just to install 42 as it is stable now. I did find one. I think it is not possible in fedora. But still asking.!
Edit: release note and video link

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I do not think Gnome 42 will be pushed to Fedora 35. It’s a major update and the update policy discourages major updates to releases.


If i want to switch to beta from stable 35 without reinstall how can i do that if that is possible.

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The same way you do any standard system upgrade using dnf.

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 36 and when that completes use sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot.
It is always a good idea to do sudo dnf upgrade --refresh before doing the above 2 steps.


That’s a very safe assumption. I’m not aware of any time where there was a major Gnome upgrade during a Fedora Linux lifecycle.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a reversible process in Fedora Linux. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, but don’t expect to be able to go back to Fedora 35 if you find that a Gnome extensions is missing, etc., on the other end.


Also, if you can wait 3 more weeks, Fedora 36 is scheduled to be released on April 19, and will ship with GNOME 42.

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Yes i know that dnf can’t do downgrade it was not design for that.
35stable to 36beta to 36stable
Or 35stable to 36stable
And for extension i don’t use extension at all just installed the app and use gsconnect. And this thread will help others also if they wants to.


I am running Fedora 36 Workstation some weeks now, but the most of the built in Gnome software has the rc-state and only few software-pieces are already Gnome 42. I think if you are interested in Gnome 42 native you should wait a little bit until the “rc”-suffix is gone. Fedora 36 workstation works on my machine very fine now and has no serious issues.

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Just installed 36 beta for 42gnome
I did not find the new console app it was still old terminal app but console(terminal emulator) was also released in the gnome42stable

I have been testing fedora 36 for some time, and had the gnome-terminal and gnome-terminal-nautilus packages installed. The updates did not install the Console, but a simple dnf install gnome-console installed both gnome-console and gnome-console-nautilus for me.
I am testing out the console app but can say for certain that the colors are better in console than they were in terminal. yellow text is actually yellow instead of brown.

1 Like Maybe this way you can upgrade to 42 .I didn’t try because of working extensions that i have in 41. Advice before you try sudo dnf upgrade once you enable tuxino/Gnome-42 repo disable all extensions you have.

It is not necessary to override the rpms in fedora from the copr repo. Fedora 36 has gnome 42 already in it. I see very few rc packages in gnome 42 on F36. The ones remaining are all gnome-shell-extension packages and with F36 in beta those should be finished very soon.

I would hate to see someone break their system by upgrading F35 to gnome 42 when some parts of gnome are in the protected packages category.

Already switched😄 thanks
Actually i was asking why it was not included in the iso

Or will it be included in the final stable one.

I would guess it will be included though I cannot be sure. On my system the 2 console packages show as beta releases, which is the next step beyond rc.

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The default workstation package set is unlikely to change now that we’re in Beta already. It may be included in the next Fedora release (or it may not—depends on the workstation wg).

Folks can keep an eye on the kickstarts repo to keep up with changes to the default package sets included in live media. e.g., for f36:

(for rawhide and what will become f36, see the main branch)

Because it was only included as a package in Fedora a month ago, and that’s probably too late in the release cycle to make changes to the package sets in the live media (we were in beta freeze anyway):