GNOME 40 Panel Clock Format

Could someone point me to the best place to find info related to how extensions can change the date/time format in the GNOME 40 top panel? All the extensions are, obviously, no longer working because they haven’t been updated yet and I’d like to help development.

Some quick web searches yielded no definitive “these are the objects one must call to change those items” manual.

Thanks, all…

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Download the extension from, unzip the file, enter to the directory and then add:


to the metadata.json inside the shell-version brackets. copy to clipboard the uuid that you will find in that same metadata.json file, save changes, then copy and paste the extension’s directory in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ rename the folder to the uuid you copied from metada.json. logout and log back in or just reboot, open the extension app to enable your extension.

most extensions work out of the box this way.

Thanks for replying, @dziban, but none of the “date time” extensions work even with that work around; my hope was that I could just rube it that way, but it looks like the “old” way of changing time doesn’t work on GNOME 40.

I’m willing to learn, just can’t find a complete tutorial; that is, there are a lot of “oh, just have this piece of code reference this object,” but nothing about in which file I should even look for those lines of code or what to do if the lines of code in the referenced file look nothing like the suggestion.