GMail account in evolution


I can not connect Evolution v3.42.4 to my GMail account with Fedora Silverblue. It works nice with Fedora Workstation.

It seems there is an issue with the oauth2 verification in Silverblue.

Has anyone issue this ? What can I do to fix the problem ?


Hello @david1r2r1 ,
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Please be aware that this discussion area is primarily for discussion on Fedora Project by members and is where you usually go for user help.
Having said that, I do use Evolution on Silverblue and indeed do have my gmail account setup.
If you are using Gnome as the DE then just simply setup your email in the online accounts tab of the settings app. Like …

Evolution may need to be restarted afterwards to pick up the change but it will look for online accounts setup in this way, and it was the only way I could get any email working with Evolution recently.

Sorry for the mistake and thanks for your answer


No worries, everyone is welcome here to get involved for sure. It’s just ask.fp.o is where the questions get asked and answered, so yours would likely be there as well.