Git version control suggestions (GUI only alternatives to GitHub)

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have a recommendation for distributed version control using git + source code mgmt.? I don’t want to use anything that’s proprietary and/or owned by Microsoft, Apple, Google etc. for my projects - so basically I’m looking for an alternative to GitHub.
GitLab looks great - it just requires that one knows how to provision the system well and have a solid foundation in networking, and I simply do not at the moment - and don’t have time to really dig into learning it at the moment. I’m looking for a GUI web and/or desktop distributed version control system that’s basically the same as GitHub - just not GitHub (think VS Codium to Visual Studio Code). I’m using Fedora Silverblue as my main OS and Ubuntu in Gnome Boxes for the web apps that I’ve launched on AWS.

You can host gitlab yourself, or you can buy it as a managed service:


Using a GitLab (or Gitea) instance managed by someone else doesn’t require any networking skills or provisioning anything.

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Yeah I have an underlying mission here - so it looks like one would have to know how to actually provision GitLab or buy it. This doesn’t fit the context of what I’m aiming for. Thanks.

Yeah I know that - thanks.

And if you look just for a Git-Client with Gui:


Could you elaborate your question?

Because if you have a mission nobody should know, and

nobody knows what is the context, well, it is a bit difficult to help you.


Gitea is a great option tho. Gogs, GitBucket, and even GNU Savannah may cover your needs.


Either you go for a hosted service or host it yourself, no matter what the service is. If you are saying that none of the two options fit your needs or context, I don’t understand why you are even asking that question. I find it really hard to follow.