Gimp downloaded from dnf as rpm or from flatpak from fedoraproject repo cant open avif

recently i found out that gimp supports avif formats nicely but downloadfrom fedora repo as rpm or flatpak does not comes with avif support but as I recall, AVIF has been created on purpose not to make any legal issues. Though I’m not a lawyer of course
can anyone look into as gimp downloaded from flathub or snap works normally.

i know flatpak issue will be solved if this happens Changes/UnfilteredFlathub - Fedora Project Wiki
but still it is a issue while downloading from dnf (fedoraproject-repo).

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Do you know how gimp supports it perhaps? Maybe it needs to be enabled at build time? I see no mention of it here:

The thing to do would be to file a bug so that the maintainers can take a look. Perhaps this got missed in an update?

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here is a test file
ifaik avif is supported with plugin.


edit= 2164329 – AVIF files can't be opened if downloaded from fedora-repo as rpm or flatpak @ankursinha here is the report

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I recently could open such file (first time I encountered one) with Gimp installed from Flathub.

you need libheif to enable AVIF support, it’s available from rpmfusion

related topics:


How you have installed that gimp can you show.

gimp from flathub: flatpak install flathub org.gimp.GIMP

gimp as rpm from fedora and libheif support from rpmfusion: sudo dnf install gimp libheif

or what you mean?


i now understand the issue with fedora packages gimp uses libheif for avif images but heif is a conflict of license due to apple so unless gimp have a better support for avif(av1) unlike plugin that gimp is using rt now. this package issue will be resolved but i think using flathub package will resolve that and also as fedora making default to flathub. it will resolve for flatpak.

no i have not install libheif or libavif i find the issue as installing with apt on ubuntu works but in fedora installing from dnf does not work

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It certainly should work if you have the correct rpmfusion repo enabled.

# dnf list libheif
Last metadata expiration check: 2:21:39 ago on Wed 25 Jan 2023 08:11:59 AM CST.
Available Packages
libheif.x86_64                                            1.14.2-1.fc37                                            rpmfusion-free-updates

# dnf install libheif
Last metadata expiration check: 2:24:17 ago on Wed 25 Jan 2023 08:11:59 AM CST.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                    Architecture              Version                            Repository                                 Size
 libheif                    x86_64                    1.14.2-1.fc37                      rpmfusion-free-updates                    310 k

Transaction Summary
Install  1 Package

Total download size: 310 k
Installed size: 855 k


Ah maybe you installed the flatpak version from the Fedora flatpak repository and not from flathub.


yes exactly what happened now i have installed it from flathub and does not any issues followed by that but something strange happened that just on a clean vm of ubuntu 23.04 and fedora 37 i find avif files show thumbnail in ubuntu but that is not the case in fedora is it the same reason.
can you guys look into jehan have something said. he is the one of the dev of gimp project.

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Talking about gimp RPM package

dnf install avif-pixbuf-loader
dnf install gimp-heif-plugin

You need rpmfusion-free for the latter.


yes workaround is always there i was talking about out of the box experience

Well, you cannot have it in fedora as it’s encumbered.
Now I’ve added to the multimedia group:

So dnf groupupdate multimedia will install the plugin if gimp and rpmfusion-free are installed …


but it is good to have what jeran has suggested. compile with only av1 and package that.

See the related topics I linked above

Rebuilding as you suggest would once again potentially violate the fedora policies that exclude using encumbered codecs.