Avif images can't be opened in fedora in gimp from dnf and flatpak-registry.fedoraproject.org

i was trying to open some avif images but i cant open it gimp have support for avif and heif but i cant open download from dnf-fedora or flatpak-flathub
but downloaded from snap-snapcryft or flatpak-flathub works, it opened avif now i tested on a ubuntu vm and installed gimp with apt, flatpak, snap all worked.
what was wrong in fedora that it does not work.

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I’m having the same problem with gimp-2.10.32-7.fc38.x86_64.
It can’t open AVIF files.

It can be fixed if it is downloaded from or .rpm from fedora it can be fixed with installing libheif from rpmfusion but it is not the case when you download from registry flatpak store of fedora not flathub you can’t install that package and you are stuck so it is a bug here. I think avif support is needed. Whether with libavif or libheif.
As far as i know gimp still uses libheif for av1 support and heif have sometjing license or stuff.
A fix is required maybe with av1 support with libavif.