Geary flatpak doesn't print to file

I 've installed Geary from flathub on my laptop running Fedora 32 (fully updated). I have logged in to my Google account in Gnome Accounts and Geary immediately picked that up once I opened it. I opened an email and tried to print it to a pdf file. The process follows smoothly but when I open the file manager the file is not there.

If I try to print the email to a pdf file again, Geary shows me the previous file as being there. However when I look through the file manager it’s not there! And if I log out of my session and then log back in, the previously saved file is not there even if I look for it from Geary’s print to a pdf file functionality!

Any ideas what’s going on?

What I m trying to do is print an email to a pdf file and then move it elsewhere on a folder where I want to store it.

I kept looking and I 've managed to find this Geary bug report which states that this is a WebKitGTK issue. There are other issues linked as well but overall it looks as if this is a known bug that has stalled.

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