Fonts for this site?

While we have a nice icon, we still are waiting on Design for a more comprehensive overall theme. In the meantime, to make things look a little more “Fedora”, I’ve changed the heading font for Fedora Discussion to Montserrat. I’m thinking about doing the same here but wanted to discuss first.


I think the width of individual Montserrat font character are more wider than the font uses in body text. For me it’s doesn’t match and a bit clutter. But maybe it’s just my taste.

Montserrat is a good font though.


This is done. Let me know what you all think after a little bit of trying it in practice. :slight_smile:

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Wow, it’s look neat. Didn’t expect it.

Awesome. :heart:

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It’d be nice if we could choose to enable dyslexia-friendly fonts; for those of us who suffer from it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s a great Idea. Are there any open source fonts that fit the bill?

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A bit of further research: there is a font called OpenDyslexic, but it doesn’t appear to be one of the ones hosted by Discourse CDN, and that’s probably because it’s not in Google Fonts. It was rejected there because of lack of evidence that such fonts are actually helpful. That refers to several papers, and this article: Do Dyslexia Fonts Help? | Understood

Now personally, I don’t think that outweighs your experience. So I think it’s worth figuring out how we could do this… it’s just not trivial, which I hoped it might be. In the meantime, you could: configure firefox to always use OpenDyslexic or a similar font of your choice, or you could use an add-on to provide individual style overrides on a per-site basis.

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Yes, it is true that the dyslexia-friendly fonts do not “cure” dyslexia - what they do, though, is make letters more discernible and, thus, easier to read. A few good examples for types of fonts like this would be Comic and Verdana.

I guess that as long as the fonts have enough spacing in-between and are bold enough, they improve readability. Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration :blush:

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