FnLock Indicator Doesnot respond

My new Lenovo Legion 5 has a led indicator on Fn lock which has particularly no function on my laptop… While fresh I was able to use the indicator properly on windows but now it seems like linux is not able to be responsive… I have caps lock and num lock as well both works fine. In addition the Fnlock function but the indicator doesn’t

can any one give me solutions

Seams to be a known issue:

Also Windows users had to install a fix.

Have you had a look in the Lenovo community ?

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Thank you @ilikelinux but will lenovo fix my issue? since I am a Linux user and the solution that they will give might not meet my OS… Most of the posts are regarding iFixit are with windows and my problem is with linux… because while I freshly used it in windows It was none of an issue …
just the problem I am having right now is with the Fnlock and touchpad… if that would be fixed… But i don’t know how to fix those…

Might be, you just have to look at those cases by Lenovo to see if it is a software or a hardware problem. If it is a hardware problem you need a solution to get a bios update somehow on your computer.

Lenovo also has a line of Devices who come preinstalled with Fedora.

Have a look if fwupdmgr (tool for linux terminal) is working and if you are up to date with the bios updates.

This is not a hardware issue. It is …I don’t know… linux issue …so I would like to fix this issue with you guys

I know but those devices are not available in our regions…