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It’s been a busy month on the Fedora Messaging Notifications (FMN) Replacement team, but we’ve pushed through to the finish line and are very happy to announce the arrival of the shiny new FMN.

Let’s take a moment and see how the project has unfolded over the last few months

About 6 weeks ago, I put out a blog post highlighting where we were with the project. At that time we were very close to finishing, even making plans as to when the “old” service would be turning off. I’m very happy to let you all know that this has been planned. However, we decided to have a grace period where everyone could start creating their new rules in the “new” version.

Aurélien Bompard sent out an email on devel-announce explaining this, but in case people didn’t see it, here is the gist of that info:

So long and thanks for all the fish

From all of the team that worked on this project, we hope that you enjoy the new version. One of the largest features we tried to improve was getting the notifications to the users quickly. Hopefully you will see that. Also, please file tickets if something is broken or could be improved. Remember to create your new rules because everyone starts out with a blank slate.


Thanks for the all the work.

I do not see any documentation, though, in particular not on/linked from the new site. How would we try out the new FMN?

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Hi @mjg we’re still writing our User Guide here Documention but that should get you started creating rules and receiving notifications from whichever service you’d like.

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