Intent to retire: fedmsg-irc, old fmn and osbs clusters

Greetings everyone.

Now that fedora 39 is out the door, I’d like to schedule some
retirements of a few old services:

fedmsg-irc: This is a old fedmsg process that send fedmsg’s to IRC.
Currently we have one running in production and one in staging, both on
rhel7 vm’s that we would like to retire. They currently gateway the
entire message bus to #fedora-fedmsg (prod) and #fedora-fedmsg-stg
(staging), but due to the volume and IRC throttling they are way behind.
It’s often behind by 12-48 hours. Additionally, it sends some matching
messages to the #fedora-releng channel (composes, etc). We plan to
replace that with a matrix bot webhook at some point.

old fmn (old fedora notifications service).

This was replaced with
and we said we would sunset the old one after f39 was out.
If you’re missing features with the new one, please make sure they are
tracked at Issues · fedora-infra/fmn · GitHub

osbs (openshift build service). This is 4 openshift 3.11 clusters. (one
each for x86_64 and aarch64 x production and staging). This service
built containers for us, but all the containers we now build are done
via ImageFactory (base, minimal, toolbox) or elsewhere (, etc).

I’d like to turn these services off next wed (2023-11-15) if there’s no
reasons I missed to do so before then. We will keep the data from them
around in case we need to bring them back or get data from them.

Please let us know if there’s any uses for these services we aren’t
aware of before next wed.

Issue #11504: Retire osbs clusters - fedora-infrastructure - is a tracking ticket
for the osbs cluster retirement.


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Is copr supposed to be supported by the new mnf? It’s difficult to tell for me from the issues and from the messages I’m getting.

All services on the bus should be supported by FMN, you can select what you’re interested in in the filters section:

So choosing no applications should select all, right? With the standard “My Events”, I don’t seem to get any notifications from Copr. (I have My Events target matrix, and this works for koji/bodhi; Copr notifications come by e-mail, probably via the old fmn.)

It should yeah… (although it’s not clear from the interface thats what
it’s supposed to do, see [RFE] Provide "all applications" to rules creation · Issue #876 · fedora-infra/fmn · GitHub