Flutter setup in silverblue

Hello! i want to add flutter sdk use android studio and vs code as an ide for it. What are the ways to setup
also i want to know if there is major performance hit with toolbox.Should i use flatpak ides or try installing in toolbox.Also i am new to silverblue am still couldnt understand many stuff so simpler steps would be nice

Hello @fidelisakilan,
Welcome to the community!
Android Studio is available as a Flatpak app from the Flathub repo on Silverblue as is VSCode in a few variants. Toolbox is the same as any other container performance wise, and really until you are talking building, the performance isn’t an issue for just editing.
The Silverblue documentation is a pretty good place to start. If you have specific questions about using Silverblue, ask them here or on the IRC channel #silverblue on freenode.