"flatpak uninstall --unused" command shows "org.fedoraproject.Platform" as unused 669 MB package. Is it okay to uninstall it?

Disclaimer: Curiosity. Ultra noob trying to know what, why & how.

Is it okay to purge this package? Is there any need for this package? What does it do anyway?

When I tried to reinstall it, it showed a download size of 669 MB! It’s a lot. Maybe it has some importance. Then why does the flatpak list it as an unused package? Shouldn’t the “important” package be at least used once?!

After the Branch, there is a label called Op. What does this mean? When I remove this package, it said Op= r, and later when I installed the package, it said Op= i. What it’s trying to say?

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It is the runtime for Fedora flatpaks. If you don’t have any of the flatpaks that depend on that installed, it will be unused.

It is more or less always safe to remove flatpaks.

r for remove and i for install.

Flatpak runtimes are typically fairly large. That is normal.

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Something new happen this time when I used the same command.

Someone in the power to make this change read this post and did something about it. Cool.

Thanks for all the other info you mentioned.