Flatpak apps look unstyled

Flatpak apps look really ugly and I’m not sure why. I’ve tried giving flatpak apps access to ~/.themes/ to no avail. I also have themes installed via flatpak that didn’t work either.




Hi! Flatpak applications usually don’t work as well as the applications installed using dnf or compiled by the user. A suggestion is to to compile this application as the developer suggests in their github page .

Remember that themes (of all types) work for the developer as they intend. This may not be the case on all other systems with different gui configs, such as xorg vs wayland, kde vs lxde vs gnome, etc. Adding in the differences of gtk3, gtk4 etc. and the apps themselves also causes problems.

Each user that decides to use themes that are not provided as part of the default fedora distro may be subject to inconsistencies.

I hope you are able to solve the issue and the suggestion by jhon349 might be a solution, but compiling software yourself also has its own issues for the user.

You might get more directed and helpful suggestions if we knew what themes you are using and where they were installed from. It seems likely that others may have used those same themes and have a working solution for you.

Flatpak theming is an interesting challenge in some cases.

What DE are you using?

What themes are you expecting to be applied?

Flatpaks can only use themes shipped as a flatpak. If you use a rather popular theme, chances are that there is a flatpak version of it. For example, “flatpak search numix” will show you that the Numix theme is available for install.

These both appear to be gtk4 applications, the theming for these works a little bit differently.

You may want to refer to the instructions here, GitHub - Fausto-Korpsvart/Tokyo-Night-GTK-Theme: A GTK theme based on the Tokyo Night colour palette.

Note, I have not had a chance to try this. It has been on my list to try for a bit and I just haven’t got around to it.

To provide some more details, I’m using the gnome spin with Wayland as the windowing system.

I’m not really looking for any special themes. Just the default libadwaita is fine. I also have adw-gtk3 for applications that haven’t been updated to GTK4 yet. I have this theme downloaded and placed in ~/.themes/ as well as in ~/.local/share/themes/ and also installed as a flatpak.

I have also set the gtk-theme to adw-gtk3 via dconf Editor. I also used gnome Tweaks to use adw-gtk3 for legacy applications.

None of this has had an effect on the flatpak apps.

Aside from the icon changes and the addition of the minimize/maximize buttons that looks like the default libadwaita for GTK4 for both frog and warp. Screen shot below is with papirus icons.

You should be able to change between default and dark on the appearance tab to confirm.

I was able to change the theme referencing the instructions I posted