Replace Adwaita with Yaru

Is there a way to replace the default Adwaita theme with Yaru on Silverblue? And also change the default icons?

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Yes there is. The Yaru theme can be installed using Software or dnf, then can be applied using Gnome Tweaks.

Didn’t work. I installed the Yaru GTK theme and it shows as installed in Software. But it doesn’t show up as an option in Tweaks.

I must be missing some step. Is there a terminal command?

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Downloaded Yaru-dark directly from , Extracted the file but it will not copy to usr/share/themes.

`cp -r Yaru-dark /usr/share/themes
cp: cannot create directory '/usr/share/themes/Yaru-dark': Read-only file system

Why is it so hard to do something simple like change the theme?

You need to copy it to /home/user/.themes
Or use sudo.

Copy it to ~/.themes

/usr is not writeable on silverblue.

Was it selectable under legacy themes?

reference for theming gtk4 apps

cp -r Yaru-dark ~/.themes didn’t seem to do anything. It did not create a .themes directory. No, Yaru is not selectable under legacy themes in Tweaks.

cp: cannot create directory '/home/user/themes': No such file or directory

That should have been /home/USER/.themes. Not literally the name user, but your user name there. Also the directory name should have begun with the ‘.’ as I show and as given in at least 2 posts above.

Boom! That did it. Thanks.

What about changing the icon set? I like the icons that I think are called Suru. Should be noted that downloading the theme from Software did nothing and I had to do the tinkering described above to get Yaru to show up in Tweaks. I expect I’ll have to do something similar for the icons? Where would they go?


OK. That’s where the file goes. But how do I download it? Do I have to download each one of these files individually and copy them to that directory?

And it can’t be installed normally?

With Silverblue? Which one do I download?

You should need the noarch file.