Flathub is already safe for desktop usage?

Hey guys!

The Flathub repository is reliable enough, in terms of security to use on a Fedora Workstation desktop installation on i should stick with the traditional repos?


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I would say so. It has also been implemented into Fedora Silverblue ( along with os-tree) as the main way to install applications

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Hello @rlfontan @d4zzy—welcome to the community! Please do take a minute to glance over the information in #start-here.

Flatpak is meant to be quite safe: it sandboxes processes, and the user must provide access to the various resources. You can read about it on the official website: https://flatpak.org/

Flathub was setup by the Flatpak team to make it easier for developer to provide Flatpaks for their software. There is a review process in place for the inclusion of new software too: Home · flathub/flathub Wiki · GitHub

So yes, it should be safe. However, as always, please be vigilant when using non-free software. Flatpak limits access to system resources and so on, but it cannot cover every case where software may try to carry out unethical activities (phishing and so on, for example).

PS: Fedora also includes selinux which is an additional layer of security. You can read more about it here: SELinux Project · GitHub


Nice info, just what I wanted to know!