Firewall issues after upgrading to 31

Anyone have a decent guide for troubleshooting firewalld? My VMs can no longer connect to my samba shares on the host after upgrading to 31. Stopping firewalld allows them to connect. Samba and Samba Client are enabled and I’m not seeing anything in the firewalld log.

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How are the clients connected? Bridged, host only…
How do you connect? Did you try using the ip?


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I assume the guest machine is communicating to the host via virbr0. The default zone for virbr0 is libvirt. I discovered samba had been disabled in that zone after the update. Enabling it allowed the VM to connect to the share on the host, so that’s been resolved.

I discovered that the VM can no longer get to the internet, either. Even though http/https is enabled for that zone and for the host’s default zone.

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Stopping firewalld doesn’t fix the https issue. Somehow the update sliced and diced my VM network & firewall config… So now off to find a VM network troubleshooting guide. :smiley:

I had the same issue with Samba. Thanks for the libvirt zone hint. That fixed it for me.

I don’t have any HTTP/HTTPS issues from the VM though.