"Firefox is already running, but is not responding" errors

For a while Thunderbird has been giving me this error message when I click on a link :

I have managed to live with it. But today I’m starting to have the same issue from Hexchat, so I decided to come here for help. Google didn’t help.

My default firefox browser is a nightly installed in $HOME/bin. How do I fix this ?

Have you try searching the Firefox process to check if is really running?

Try running this command on a terminal:
ps -efa | grep firefox

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it is already running.

I’ve check xdg-settings and it looks ok.
Same with gconf-editor.

I have not restarted a session after making a few changes in xdg-settings will do later in the day.

Any other ideas?

I have fixed my irc issue hexchat now waorks back. I created a nightly .desktop and fixed xdg-settings.
I’ll restat my gnome cession to fix tb

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