Firefox broken in latest version of Silverblue?

I’m using Firefox and LibreWolf on the latest version of Silverblue. If I sign into a Firefox Sync account in the RPM version of Firefox, clicking the “hamburger” menu in the upper right hand corner (the three lines) works fine. However, if I log in to Sync from the flathub versions of Firefox or LibreWolf, clicking that button gives:

This renders the menu useless, unfortunately. Can someone tell me how to resolve?

Thanks in advance!

You should ask this to firefox mozilla is the right place for help Bugzilla Main Page.

In addition, note that you said firefox as installed from rpms directly from fedora works, but the flatpak has an issue. Fedora does not provide the flatpak so the issue seems to originate from wherever that flatpak was created.

You need to verify from which repo you installed the firefox there is flathub and another fedoraproject repo that also provide firefox.

$ flatpak list | grep -iE 'firefox|librewolf'

LibreWolf	io.gitlab.librewolf-community	114.0.2-1	stable	flathub	system

Firefox	org.mozilla.firefox	115.0	stable	flathub	system

Both Flathub.

I will raise the issue with Mozilla, but since many Silverblue users are Flathub Firefox users, I’m surprised no one else has run across this. Give this, I thought it worth asking here…