Firefox 122 workaround to fix Google Meet issue


If you have the problem described below with Firefox version 122 and Google Meet (and perhaps other services), here’s a temporary workaround:

Firefox is able to detect and use my camera, and when in google meet, my camera is enabled and I can see myself in on the screen as expected. However, other users report that I have my camera turned off. If I use chrome the issue goes away. This was working in the past. I suspect it broke when upgrading from 121 to 122. I am using Fedora 39. (from)

I hope it will be useful to some of you.

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Thread about this issue on:


A friend who trolls me, tells me that he doesn’t have this bug under Archlinux.

I’ve done a bit of research to find out why Archlinux doesn’t have this bug, unlike Fedora.

From this comment, I think I understand that it’s this commit that caused this bug, I read Move libvpx to libgkcodecs.

I see in the source of the Firefox Fedora 39 package that it uses the libvpx dependency.

I found here the libvpx website:

On the wikipedia article, I read:

libvpx is a free software video codec library from Google and the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). It serves as the reference software implementation for the VP8 and VP9 video coding formats, and for AV1 a special fork named libaom that was stripped of backwards compatibility.

As free software it is published also in source code under the terms of the revised BSD license. It ships with the commandline tools vpxenc/aomenc and vpxdec/aomdec that build on its functionality.

From this description, I get the impression that this change is to integrate VP9 support into Firefox, but I’m not sure.

At this point, I don’t know why Archlinux doesn’t use libvpx, or what it uses instead, maybe ffmpeg :thinking:.

Probably explains why nobody could see me in a Big Blue Button video conference last week after 122 appeared even though I could see the video of myself…

Can you please file a bug in and link to the Mozilla bug and this thread? We have a pretty responsive Firefox maintainer, perhaps he can add some quick workaround. Thanks.

I’m facing the same issue, I just created a bug here → 2262218 – Camera sharing does not work

A fix should be available soon:

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Bug fixed on my desktop with this package: firefox-122.0-5.fc39.src.rpm