Ffmpeg-free conflicts with ffmpeg pkg


I tried to install a local .rpm pkg (xdm) which depends on ffmpeg-free. But ffmpeg-free requires that I remove the ffmpeg pkg (from rpmfusion repo). I think both of these pkgs are same, so shouldn’t both work? And why can’t I install both of them at the same time (except with gnome software)?

Also for some reason I can install ffmpeg-free by downloading the .rpm pkg and installing it through gnome software. Then xdm installs without any issues. Only software allows me to install ffmpeg-free like this, dnf and rpm -i commands both require I remove the ffmpeg pkg first.


Hi @zinix01 , welcome to the community.

the ffmpeg and ffpmeg-free packages are not the same. the first is the full build provided by RPM Fusion, the second is the limited build with all patent encumbered bits removed that’s provided in Fedora.

They conflict currently, because a seamless way of having both installed has not been found. See this page:



As noted, they conflict.
An easy way to solve the issue is to do a sudo dnf swap ffmpeg ffmpeg-free --allowerasing

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I suggest to file a bug report to the provider of that package.
Instead of depending on ffmpeg-free, it could instead depend on /usr/bin/ffmpeg, or whatever the real dependency is.

Or perhaps not state the dependency at all and let runtime detect the missing ffmpeg.

I don’t think any packaging tricks will help here. Even if the package depends on /usr/bin/ffmpeg, that will not guarantee that ffmpeg from RPM Fusion will be used ahead of ffmpeg-free from the Fedora repos. There’s no way to tell rpm to do that, apart from directly depending on RPM Fusion’s ffmpeg. Packages in the Fedora repos can’t do that, of course. Third party repos may be able to, though.