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Hello, dear Fedora community! I just want to ask you a question about Fedora’s freedom and relation to geopolicy. If Fedora is community project, why Fedora can be blocked in some country or region? For example, debian and arch can not. It just interesting for me, because I thought all the time that everything which was made by comminity is absolutely free as can be.

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There have been many discussions about this and it has to do with regional policies where any country can censor the data crossing its borders. It is thus political and not related to either the community or free software.

No one within the free software community can force a country to allow software to cross its borders.

If those same countries choose to block debian or arch they may do so. Your statement says ‘can not’ but a better term would probably be ‘are not’. I think the biggest difference there is that fedora originates in the USA. Neither debian nor arch originate there so the restrictions are probably based on the source and not on the fact that it is linux or free software – purely a decision by policy makers in the country where access is blocked.

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As I understand Fedora is blocked in some countries and regions, becase USA did it?
And I also think that Fedora is connected with Red Hat (IBM).

But Debian and Arch are completely supported by community. And How can any contry to prohibit their spreading? Or any contry can do this on there own terretory?

In my experience and talking only on my experience where I live and it is mostly that they consider tech/IT related forums more on threatening and don’t want to people use those.

I have been blocked from, Microsoft, some google pages, GitHub, vercel, offsec sites threejs journey, medium and many others

Also VPN getting constantly being blocked all this is government related censorship that they don’t want people use and talk as freedom of speech

But there might be many other reason especially if there is possibility that you talk against country and political stuff etc so those gets easier to be blocked


The USA does have certain export restrictions that may limit certain software going to specified countries, though I don’t believe it applies to fedora as a whole for the most part.

Much more restrictive and generalized are the limitations put into place by countries that censor what their citizens (and any others within their borders) may see. There have been threads here where such was the case.

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And are you actually in danger all the time when use IT pages?

They absolutely can do so. As I stated that is a local political and policy decision and not directly related to the community in any way.

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As I know Fedora is blocked in Crimea. But I don’t think so that Crimea blocked it on its own territory.

I don’t actually sure I have read and seen people getting arrested speaking against country and politicals on Facebook or public.

I have been stated many times that when I take of VPN everything starts working even my phone

Even here speaking might be not good

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Yeap. :slight_smile: Be careful.



Yeah…I got it :).

Yes, Fedora is related to Red Hat. Red Hat does not own Fedora, but is heavily involved. Fedora remains community driven however. Have a look here for some more detail on this.

And on the matter of Fedora being blocked in Crimea, this is not a decision made by the Fedora community or by the Crimean government, but rather by the US government. It is my understanding that this is a sanction as a result of Russia’s annexation of the region.

You can see information from OFAC here about the US export control ruling.

Fedora is complying with this due to the Fedora Export Policy

Ultimately, there is no legal route to use Fedora in an export controlled region, which sucks.

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Yeah…It so sad.