Fedora still uses russian mirrors?

Fedora still uses russian mirrors?
is it possible to turn them off?

The Fedora Project is somehow subject to US laws. I’m not an US citizen, but I’m not aware of any ban, restriction or boycott against Russia in an extent that should compel the Fedora Project to forbid the use or provide access to software and sources to that country. Also the EU put in place some sanctions and commercial restrictions, but there is not a total ban against such country from the point of view of the law.

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I am not an expert for the circumstances and conditions around the current US bans and sanctions. However, I am not sure if the mirroring is related to that.

Yet, the question is: what is the problem here?

In case the question relates to the potential for manipulations, which some people seem to fear in the current situations, the answer is simply: there is no increased risk.

Even if the mirror is from Russia, the signatures of all packages come from the Fedora community, and your Fedora will not accept any other signatures as long as you did not change this yourself. When you update or install software from any mirror, your Fedora will verify if the packages meet the signatures, and if the signatures are from a trusted Fedora key. So, in this case you do not trust Russian servers, but you trust OpenPGP and Fedora. Maybe this solves your actual worries?


Thank you for this answer. I am a convinced Foss user. Free and open is important and this to me means that there is no reason to created walls and exclusion. Foss stands for me for a better way to make computers work and is the symbol for his to make a different world.

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Please tell me a more correct way, disable these mirrors.
At the moment, I just registered russian and belarusian hosts in /etc/hosts as

Thank you.