Fedora37 reboot fails after timeshift restore

After I restored a timeshift snapshot I was asked to reboot the system in order to use the state of that one day old snapshot.
During boot there are several error messages and the system starts in single user mode.

error messages from journalctl -xb include

  1. kernel: nvme mvme0: missing or invalid SUBNQN field

  2. systemd-gpt-auto-generator: Failed to dissect: Permission denied

  3. systemd: /usr/lib/systemd-generators/zram-generator failed with exit status 1

  4. systemd: /usr/lib/systemd-generators/systemd-gpt-auto-generator failed with exit status1

  5. systemd-modules-load: Failed to find module ‘fuse’, ‘msr’, ip-tables’ …

  6. systemd: Mount boot-efi.mount - /boot/efi

  7. mount: mount /boot/efi: unknown filesystem type ‘vfat’

Is there a way to get this system to boot in user mode again?

In the meanwhile I disables the /boot/efi enty in /etc/fstab
Now the system starts in multiuser mode, but network, WLAN, zram are all not operable.
It is also not possible to mount usb devices, so I am effectively locked in.