Fedora Silverblue 37 Gnome-software center: update and restart button does not work for updates

I have rebased Fedora 36 Silverblue to Fedora 37 Silverblue some weeks ago and I kept it up-to-date:

  1. the gnome-software center: in the tab “Updates” the “update and restart” button does not work and have the wrong caption “download”
  2. After every update of the built-in Firefox it loses the language settings and jump back to the default language “English”

I searched bugzilla for this bugs and there are no bugs. For me there are some reasons for it:

  1. my rebaseing was going wrong and I am the only one with this bugs
  2. a fresh install hide this bugs.

Thank you.

Problems with fedora 37, which is still in beta testing, should be directed to the fedora 37 development team. This forum is for those versions which have been released and those are fully supported here all the way through 36.