Fedora Robotics SIG

Hello Fedora Community,

@cottsay and I would like to re-bootstrap the Robotics SIG, not as a spin but as a Fedora SIG, maybe as an IOT “sub-group” if it makes sense.

The initial proposal for this SIG is to enable robotics projects in Fedora, starting with ROS2, which has a huge community and is an “kind of” supported platform in ROS2.

ROS2 has several “platform tier levels” and Fedora would start being a tier 3 supported platform[0] for their rolling releases for now, meaning that we would provide some documentation on how to use ROS2 in Fedora and possibly a developer environment in a container/toolbox[1];

It is important to note what “enable ROS2” in Fedora means, at least in this initial phase: ROS2 has its own build system and their packaging process is a bit different from Fedora’s, so the first goal it to ensure that we are able to build ROS2 from source in Fedora, i.e. in a container, and figure out how both communities can work together, including build system/packaging wise.

That being said, we are want to kickstart things with a bi-weekly community office hours , the initial proposal being every other Thursday at 4PM UTC.

Any feedback and interest is welcome!

[0] - https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/rep/pull/376
[1] - https://github.com/odra/ros2-fedora-toolbox



I’m interested! This sounds great (and very in line with Objective Review: More (active) SIGs, fewer images).

I am very interested in this, we are working on RISC-V on this.

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Hi! I’d be interested in helping.

I’ve been looking for a way to get more involved in the ROS and Fedora communities.


Hello all,

We have created an entry in the SIGs calendar with the proposed date and time of the original post in this thread: SIGs - Fedocal.

The first meeting will be happening next week on May 11.