Fedora Remix VERSION 38 arm-linux-gnuabihf-pkg-config: No such file or directory’

Hi guys,

I am making cross compilation on ARM, during compilation I’ve got
‘arm-linux-gnuabihf-pkg-config: No such file or directory’. I’ve tried multiple ways but I cannot installed the package:

in filesystem i see:

Do you have any advices how to install package?

That seems to be asking for a file and not a package.

What are you compiling that requires that file?
Where was it downloaded from?

Right, it’s file. I am building op-tee client GitHub - OP-TEE/optee_client: Normal World Client side of the TEE

Since that package comes from github then the best approach would seem that you should contact the maintainers directly. Only those who work with that package would be able to assist.