Fedora Join presentation at the Council meeting

Hi folks,

I expect most of us got the e-mail (check your spam folders—it was in mine for some reason). Would anyone like to take this on? (I’m happy to if no one else can do it). Here’s what it said for convenience:

Hi! If you’re getting this email, it is because you’re listed as SIG members on the Fedora Wiki.

(In looking at the Join SIG page, it was not clear who might be the right people to poke, so I sent this to you. Please forward as needed)

The Fedora Council would like to invite your SIG to present at an upcoming Fedora Council video meeting. If you’re interested, what we’d be looking for from you is:

  • Someone to present (on camera in a virtual meeting room) a 10-15 minute presentation (with slides) on the state of your SIG (past, present, future) along with any calls to action that you might have.

  • Stick around for 15+ minutes for Q&A discussion

These meetings are recorded and then shared on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnIfca4LPFVn8-FjpPVc1ow

A small FAQ:

Q. When are these meetings held?
A. The video meetings are held monthly, on a Thursday, between 1800 - 1900 UTC.

Q. Do we have to do this?
A. No. It is an opportunity we’re making available to you, but if you don’t want to (or cannot), feel free to decline (or ignore this email).

Q. Would the meeting be all about our SIG?
A. We also use some time to discuss council business, but you’d be the guest(s) of honor.

Q. Okay, we’re in. How do I sign-up?
A. You reply to this email and say “Our SIG would love to do this!” and I’ll get you scheduled.

Q. I have other questions, who can I ask?
A. You can ask me! You now have my email, or you can find me any of the other obvious places I have presence on the internet and ask me there.