Fedora IoT Raspberry Pi and GPIO access in Podman

Hey there,

I’m really liking the idea of Fedora IoT on the Raspberry Pi and it’s Podman usage.
I haven’t had much success in interfacing the GPIO pins inside a Podman container, is there any documentation or support out there which I may find useful?

Super excited about this project!
Thank you!

Did you see this article?

Thank you for the reply!
What the article suggests does work.

I can’t manage to get Node-RED to work, would there be anything extra that you would know of that may be required?

I don’t know, sorry.
But many softwares, like the gpiozero Python library, use the GPIO sysfs interface (/sys/class/gpio), while in Fedora the kernel is compiled without this support, in favour of the more modern character device /dev/gpiochipN.
Maybe Node-RED still expect that there is a GPIO sysfs interface?
I’m not an expert: this is only a hypothesis.

That may be so, seems like a lot of software which interacts the GPIO pins use /sys/class/gpio.
Why would Fedora not have compiled kernel GPIO sysfs support for Raspberry Pis?

Well, since linux 4.8 the GPIO sysfs interface is deprecated, and as far as I can understand, in Fedora the goal is to have follow upstream as much as possible.

Standardization is a good thing and thus understandable.

I’ve just come across node-red-nodes/pigpiod which may be closer to getting node-red to speak GPIO minus the sysfs.