Fedora installation on ARM


I bought Acer Aspire 1, with Snapdragon 7c. CPU-Benchmark.org says it’s ARMv8, Kryo 468

Which should be aarch64. I tried to install Fedora 35 through a USB drive made by Fedora official app for Windows, and also through KDE Partition on Fedora on another computer which everytime worked. I tried versions Gnome, KDE plasma, netinstall and everything was aarch64.

UEFI enabled, secure boot disabled (that helped me to show installation menu on USB drive (like Install Fedora / check media and install Fedora / Troubleshooting)

The problem is, when I choose to install Fedora (with or without checking media), next step shows only “_” on the first line and reboots computer after 5s.

What should I do?

I’ve never had ARM based computer, so I’m a bit lost.

It looks like this should be possible, but I’m not sure where to begin debugging this, other than this guide from Linaro on getting an aarch64 Snapdragon to work with Fedora 34:


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