Fedora i3 user for over a year

Just a small topic, I have been using Fedora with i3 for over a year now have have discovered that to set it up you are on a very DIY journey. So in case anybody would like to see some of the bits and pieces that I have encountered have a look at this

Or all my stuff on gitlab



I suppose you know i3 sig. There is a FAQ section. May be you may contribute some of your experiences? As far as I an see there is no section about installation. Maybe you can write down your experiences into a kind of installation guide or installation advisor? Quick Docs / installation would be another great opportunity to share your experiences.

I would love to contribute to writing docs on onboarding i3.
I gather @daveharas has shown the installation process and customization options.

So I could take on 10 things to do after installing i3 Spin afresh.

I will keep the default as much as possible and explain basic settings.

  • Default: shell, terminal, web browser, text editor, font, i3 status bar
  • New installations: slick-greeter, xrdb
  • Config: urxvt (Blue and pink theme) & Mousepad theme change.
  • Apps to use and how to use: feh, imagemagick, xrandr to adjust brightness. thunar, dmenu
  • i3 for document writing workflow: additional software (git, podman)

Anything that was obvious in GNOME is completely alien in i3 to me. So I would keep to basics and lower mental barriers to keyboard-driven workflow.

Note: I’m not touching lightdm config.

I would also be happy to assist in any way that I can.


Hi folks! The i3wm SIG is currently on a mailing list, but maybe we should look at using Fedora Discussion for our SIG too.

Together, @defolos, @x3mboy, @odilon.junior93, @nasirhm, and a few other folks work on maintaining the docs for i3. We haven’t had a proper docs sprint on the Spin in some time, but maybe we could find a way to invite new contributions in for improving our onboarding docs.

Happy to hear your idea for docs improvements and how we can help you participate with improving the docs!


I agree on this like 500%, I was thinking in calling for a meeting next week and we can discuss this, but for me it’s a +1


On that note, @daveharas if you feel there’s content missing in the docs, please feel free to send a PR, open an issue or if you have suggestions, send them to the mailinglist in whatever format you like and we’ll integrate it for you.

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Hi I will attempt to put something together if I can in, between working full time and family life. I simply thought that I would share some of the things I have done myself in order to set up my system in a satisfactory manner so I can use it everyday.

I will have a look at my notes and send over some ideas :slight_smile:

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