Fedora grub-customization saving error

Hello everyone, I wanted to change my Grub Bootloader image and installed grub-customizer on my system.

But at first I didn’t have Fedora in grub-customizer.

After that, I changed the “BLSCFG” code in the /etc/default/grub directory to false as in the photo.
(True was written first)

I restarted my system and entered grub-customizer again. In this case, Fedora became visible. I made all the edits but I got an error like I will give below. How do I fix this and customize my Grub Bootloader?

I suggest not to use grub-customizer, it’s primarily made for Ubuntu and don’t work well on Fedora which has a different way of handling GRUB.
Also change back “BLSCFG” to true or you will have problems with the next kernel update (like this)

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Ubunto seems to have dropped this package from its repositories.
A search for "grub customizer ubuntu 22.10" gives among other things

https://fostips.com › grub-customizer-ubuntu-22-10
How to Install Grub-Customizer in Ubuntu 23.10 (Updated) to ... - FOSTips
Oct 16, 2023In general, Grub Customizer is removed form Ubuntu repository since Ubuntu 22.04 due to bug.