GRUB not working after every kernel update

Hi everyone, I have an annoying issue when I do a kernel update.
I have already written in this thread but have not solved the problem.
I thought the problem was the kernel version, but actually the problem is GRUB.
Basically GRUB is not updating properly, and I am forced to boot with the old kernel and update GRUB manually with the following command:
sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

The problem started after installing this theme: GitHub - VandalByte/darkmatter-grub2-theme: Dark Matter GRUB Theme 👾💙

Does anyone know how I could solve this?
Thanks in advance.

The darkmatter install script disable the BLS configuration setting. That also disable the automatic update of grub when updating the kernel.

            elif line.startswith("GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG"):
                data.insert(i, "GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=false\n")

Thank you!
I changed it to “true”