Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #492: New Initiative: Fedora bootc

@jasonbrooks filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #492. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

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Nice proposal @jasonbrooks!

I am excited to see this and the proposal looks thought out. A few teams and individuals are named as teams/stakeholders of this Initiative. Do all of the people tagged know they are tagged in this proposal? If not, we should make sure they are aware of this discussion.

I would like to see the visual format of the logic model. It is a very helpful communication aid in describing the initiative and visualizing how the different parts (i.e. inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, impact) flow into each other. There is an Inkscape-ready template available, but it may need some support from someone with a graphic design skill background.

I’ll work on the visual model, Justin. All of the people tagged in here do know about it, with the possible exception of Joseph Gayoso.


Added bootc-initiative

I added the visual model, Justin. Had to dust off my Inkscape skillz :sunglasses:

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Thanks for filing this!

Should we try to use this new bootc-initiative tag for general fedora-bootc discussion? Or should we make a new generic #bootc tag? Or should we just wait for the approval to create the tag and continue?

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Thanks, looks good! I have officially lodged my +1 vote for the Initiative in the ticket. However, due to the ongoing Council election and the implication it may have on Executive Sponsor, we likely want to wait to finalize this until after the election has concluded.

My suggestion is to go for using the new tag! If we want to drop the -initiative part of the tag, that is also an option. But my recommendation is to go ahead and start using what is already there.