Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #462: Council charter update: update Fedora Program Manager to Fedora Operations architect

@mattdm filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #462. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

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The change itself is not controversial, but I was wondering about how we should do it. I will repeat my comment from the docs pull request:

Should we use the FPgM page as the reference for the FOA role page instead, and use an Antora page alias to redirect traffic from the old page to the new page? Or is there a strong reason that the roles should be documented separately?

If we keep both, then we probably need some clear notation on the FPgM page that the role does not exist anymore, and its figurative successor is the FOA role.

So long as the history section is preserved, I don’t see a strong need to keep them separate.

Separately, I’ll suggest that we get out of the habit of using abbreviations for roles in documentation like this. “Fedora Operations Architect” is more immediately understood than “FOA”, even when we expand on first use. For the most part, the confusion caused by abbreviated titles outweighs the benefit of having to type a little less.


:+1: I like that suggestion. Remembering all these abbreviations is
hard. Learning them is even harder.

Another solution might be to have them expanded as an alt-text kinda
thing. I’m not sure if that’s easy to implement though. But hovering
your mouse over them and seeing the abbreviation expanded sounds very

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I like the idea of preserving the history, but I think we should restrict going-forward mentions of FPgM to that. The documentation can make that clear in the definition of Fedora Operations Architect.

Also, +1 to not using the acronyms so much. Especially in documentation.


Since this is a Council charter change (and more than just a swap of title), we need a full formal vote here. Let’s start that now, to conclude in 7 days. (Votes in the ticket, please).

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This should be brought back up for a Council-wide ticket vote, on the changes proposed in Fedora-Council/council-docs#198. @mattdm, @amoloney, and I workshopped the role page and it is ready for a full Council review.