Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #429: Update Fedora Council seat title: Fedora Community Architect

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An additional motivation of mine with this change is to have a better definition of a junior role and/or internship as a Community Architect in Fedora. Defining it this way is also better for a graduating intern from Fedora when they go to describe the experience, their skills, and accomplishments in a resume.


It makes sense.

It also might let us hire and/or have more than one compensated community-bound role, which can become (or already is) a requirement down the line. I can imagine that multiple community-bound personnel can come together, plan strategy/events, incentivize participation etc. all while documenting SOPs as to how those are done in a lot more effective way.

All I would ask, for now, are clear definitions of what the role means to the Fedora Council, what requirements it fulfils, what their day-to-day involvement would consist of, how folks can reach out to them etc. A lot of it should already be there, but yeah - if they require updating or obsoleting (Is that an actual word?), doing those would help.

There is not a plan for this (yet), but the new year is a good time to set goals and think ahead for the future. I was also thinking about mentoring for an Outreachy internship, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself just yet.

This is a good ask. I have planned updates and changes to make to the FCAIC role page, but I anticipate making them after the name change. You will see a few more PRs from me to the Fedora Council docs.

That said, it is like you say, that not much is actually changing. But going forward, I want better defined buckets/categories of work in the community that the FCAIC—or, FCA—is responsible for in Fedora. @mattdm, @bcotton, and I made a whiteboard map together of our roles last week, and this is an extension of that reflection exercise we did.

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I’m in support of this. I enjoy the quirky history with the current term, but I spend a lot of time explaining it to people outside of Fedora when making introductions. “Community Architect” might also need some explaining, but it doesn’t cause universal confusion in the same way.

Quick +1 for rename.

Better definition is also nice to have, but I wouldn’t consider it a requirement for the rename.

I have a pending action item to do some updates to the FCAIC (or, FCA) role page too. It will probably happen after this name change, but before I promote the new title that widely.

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After a long while, I put together a Community Blog article to summarize the title change and make it more visible. This can be a reference point in the future for when and why the title was changed. I will ask @bcotton for a publishing date in the CommBlog editing workflow.

Any feedback or pre-publishing comments are welcome here.