Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #451: Trademark Approval: Fedora Onyx

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Ticket text:

I will take this to legal for clearance.

This isn’t specific to Budgie, but the proliferation of unique, custom names is confusing. I wonder whether it would be better to bring back release names so folks can get a creative spin onto a common release name, instead of having five or six different editions/spins/labs with a unique, hard-to-remember name.

I know onyx is a mineral, but I am going to have a hard time not thinking of Pokémon… :grinning:


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As the second part of your sentence suggests, release names serve(d) a much different purpose than naming variants. I don’t think the problem is that people really feel compelled to name something, it’s that we’ve established a pattern of giving rpm-ostree desktop variants non-descriptive names. That’s simply how it’s Supposed To Be Done™.

The question for the Council becomes: do we want rpm-ostree desktop variants to have a unique, non-descriptive name? As a proponent of “name the brand, not the deliverable”, I’d argue that we do not. We want “Fedora” to be the brand and should stop diluting that. But for $reasons, I’m not going to pursue a policy issue right now. I’ll leave it to the rest of the Council to figure out how the community should proceed.